About FileNow
Choose Your File, Create URL.
Multiple files can be uploaded at once!
Download each file or batch download in ZIP.
Support for streaming playback.
No need to sign up! No software required.
Of course, use is free.
Passwords and time limits can also be set.
Files can be replaced after uploading.
Multiple upload & IPv6 supported!
And it's safe with automatic virus scanning.
No full screen ads!
Perfect for when you want to send a file to an important person.
Can I delete files?
Files can only be deleted by the uploader for a short time after uploading.
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Is there a limit on how long files are stored?
When the server's data capacity is filled, files will be deleted starting from the file with the oldest last download.
Files that are continuously downloaded will never go away.
Can my files be viewed by people unconnected to me?
The link is generated from a random alphanumeric string rather than a number, so no one can download your files unless you tell them the link.
Can I replace the files?
You can replace the URL without changing it. You can also re-upload a file with the same URL after it has expired or been deleted.
Can I use the service from my computer or smartphone?
You can upload and download from any device, including smartphones, computers, and tablets. There is also an iOS app version.